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Finland 2014 Cordelia 070

Pain was not afraid of death, only of unfulfilment.




Van Gogh was sexually repressed

I’m just going to lunge him for a bit

Rosemary never goes away

Van Gogh had epilepsy

He has laminitis

Rosemary has asthma

Van Gogh just wanted to be useful

It’s the spring grass shoots, full of nutrients

Rosemary keeps goats

Van Gogh felt empty

Starvation, yes, and keep him in

Rosemary lives in the same place

Van Gogh ate paint

Is the sand school occupied?

Rosemary wears an anorak

Van Gogh’s house was yellow


Rosemary’s house is in need of repair

Van Gogh felt the power of love flowing through him and through the world around him

It was over a boy

Rosemary sold the land but kept access

Van Gogh self-harmed

You can’t change the past, what’s done is done

Rosemary’s husband went bankrupt

Van Gogh shot himself in a field

Sometimes, when I run, I don’t want to stop, just keep running

Rosemary’s husband killed himself

Van Gogh drank absinthe

It’s such a waste

Rosemary’s daughter never smiles

Van Gogh had red hair

She was nineteen

Rosemary breeds miniature horses

Van Gogh did not die to make his paintings sell

She was going to be a good little florist

Rosemary stays outdoors all day

Van Gogh died in bed

We found out she was being bullied, we didn’t know

Rosemary drives an old jeep