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In the rented house we fought others for

Hot cheap

instant coffee, milk powder

two sugars

by the tip of the teaspoon, stirs

tinkle tinkle

pinkie aloft

looking sideways, head cocked like a bird.

An eye on you.



lunging forward

searing metal pressed against your cheek,

your arm, thigh

wherever happened to be bare

to burn before the moment passed

and the scalding


with the opportunity to hurt


His cigarette

sucked right down

held, like the spoon

thumb and first two fingers, last two up

a working class statement

the drama oh the drama of his life

his name in lights



fag in mouth hands free it shifts, brought up

thumb and forefinger carefully taking

cigarette from lips

three fingers free now,

backwards back of the hand hides

his chin

skewed to the side in a kind of smile

as he artfully

dartfully aims and throws

the burning butt

one hundred and eighty!

into her blouse


she runs away

and looks for burns on her breasts


Brewing stewing some student meal

barley lentil mix with cheese and tea

in a dead dry mouse kitchen, Fielding Street

cold with a cold, a dewdrop hanging from her nose

He fills the doorway all 6 feet plus and drains a pint of milk

down in one



with kung-fu parody gesture he

holds the carton upside down above her head

the last dregs of milk splashing her hair

running down her neck, ears, face

her jumper that will need to be hand-washed

maybe she could dab it off she thinks

I’ve had enough

as she grabs the steaming whistling kettle off the gas

and throws its contents at him


Burning love